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Listed are various sounds from the movie. They are wav files that can either be streamed from the page itself or can be downloaded. These files are somewhat bulky, so they make take time to load on a modem.

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File Size: 97K
Kenny: "I didn't want no cokes! Who said I was thirsty?!"
Dannys Diamond


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Vanessa: "You're going to be real glad I got this job..."

Kenny: "What? Free food from now on?"

Vanessa: "Yeah, but that's not all -- every car in this city either comes through or goes by HERE."

Kenny: "So?"

Vanessa: "I'm helping you, dope! I'm helping you find your car!"

15 K a year

File Size: 268K
McGrath: "You know how much I make a year?"

Kenny: "Must be kinda rough, huh?"

McGrath: "15,000 dollars...15,000 lousy dollars..."
real name is elanore


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Vanessa: "First of all, that's not my name. My real name's Elanore."
car in vegas


File Size: 113K
Salesman: "Yeah, I sure has hell have!"

Kenny: "Have what?"

Salesman: "Kid, this car is in Las Vegas."
lake mead

lake mead

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Wayne Lowry: "Hey, kid. You'd ought to be careful. You run up against a car thief, you're liable to wind up at the bottom of Lake Mead."

Kenny: "I'll remember that..."


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Ricci: "Congratulations, Kenny. You know that's the greatest car I've ever saw.

Kenny: "Thanks..."

Ricci: Did you ever think about going pro? Yeah, get some Polaroids and go to Detroit."

Kenny: "I've been thinkin' about it...Polaroids? Hell, I'll drive that thing right up to General Motors's front door!"

Ricci: "You bet your life, man!"

Kenny: "You bet your life!"