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Corvette Summer
Corvette Summer
From Mark Hamill's official site
Corvette Summer [imdb]
From the Internet Movie Database
Corvette Summer [Mark Hamill fan page - Japan]
Japanese Corvette Summer page

Cast and Crew
Mark Hamill
Mr. Hamill's official web site
Mark Hamill [Just the Best]
An excellent fan tribute to Mr. Hamill
Kim Milford (1951-1988)
Contains a biography
Isaac Ruiz, Jr.
A site dedicated to Mr. Ruiz (Tico)
Producer Hal Barwood
Mr. Barwood's company website

Verdugo Hills High School Online
The high school used in the movie
Las Vegas
The official site of Las Vegas, Nevada

Interesting commentary about Laserblast and the Milford/Hamill Corvette Summer connection
Roller Boogie
Fan site dedicated to 1979's Roller Boogie
Corvette Summer Clippings and Press Releases
Thanks to Steve Gidlow for the scans!
Korky's Kustom Studios Online
Corvette Summer screenplay
Thanks to Darren Johnston for the scans!
Mike Yager's "My Garage Museum"
Corvette Summer Facebook Page
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