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FAQ & Trivia

This section of the web site is dedicated to little tidbits about the movie. If there are any other interesting facts you would like to know about or would like to share, please email the webmaster at



Kenny stopped off at Danny's Dogs, the place where Vanessa started working to help out, to order some food. What was it that he ordered exactly? Listen here (264 K).

Here's the list:
1. An Everything Dog
2. A Danny's Diamond Dog
3. A large order of fries
4. A Cherry-Lime Rickey



Kenny and Vanessa held several jobs to make ends meet:

1. gas station attendant - in Newhall, CA
2. gas station attendant - at Gil's in Las Vegas
3. valet - at a hotel in Vegas
4. car washer - at a car wash place in Vegas
5. custom car detail ("special cars for special people") - Silverado Autobody in Vegas

1. hooker-in-training - in LA and Vegas
2. beautician - at a beauty parlor in Vegas
3. fast food customer service - at Danny's Dog in Vegas
4. B-movie star - in Vegas

deleted scene

who is she? hmmm...

During the scene where Vanessa helps Kenny chase the corvette but loses it because the cops were nearby, there is a mystery woman with the police. In a promotional still, we see this same woman getting "fresh" with Kenny. Who is this mystery woman?

According to Corvette Summer fan Charles W. Bailey, this woman is none other than Fran Drescher! According to Charles, Fran and Matthew Robbins were friends, and she made a cameo as a favor. Wonder why they deleted the scene?!


In the film, Kenny was originally offered $700 per week to work for Wayne Lowry. That would be $36,400 per year. Accounting for inflation, according to Tom's Inflation Calculator, the dollar amount today would be $111,900.07 per year. After Kenny "re-negotiated" to $ 850 per week ($44,200 per year), the annual amount today would be $135,878.66 per year. WOW! And, that's all "under the table" money! But, poor Mr. McGrath. He claimed that as "a little guy, a teacher" he was making $15,000 per year. Today, that would be $46,112.66 per year, which was just a little over what Kenny would have made in 1978!!


MacArthur High

"MacArthur High" in the film is in fact a real high school. Verdugo Hills High School, located at 10625 Plainview Ave., Tujunga, CA, is home to the "Dons". Many movies have been filmed on the campus, primarily because of its location and scenic view. You can find out more information by clicking here.



The theme song for the film was "Give Me the Night," sung by legendary singer Dusty Springfield. The song can be found on The Dusty Springfield Anthology (1997) or Something Special (1996). Both can be purchased online at Please note that the version in Something Special is slightly different from the Anthology version. For the lyrics, go here.


Promo Shots and Posters

Corvette Summer posters, promo stills and other collectibles are very hard to find. You pretty much have to rely on eBay.

Update - 3/4/07: On eBay, there was a person selling a publicity poster for Corvette Summer in which the title of the poster was "Corvette". It's an interesting find...

poster poster poster poster

National Corvette Museum

"It's on display --- where!?" The absolute king of Corvette Summer research, John De Bruin, a friend of this website, has set the record straight about the Corvettes used in the film. He will post this information in detail on his soon-to-be-released Corvette Summer website.

Anyhow, John has informed me that there were two and only two cars made for the film. The cars were built by Dick Korkes of Korky's Kustom Studios for MGM. After the film and publicity tours, both cars were sold to private parties. The "backup car" remained in the US. It first ended up at the Corvette Americana Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York and then at the National Corvette Museum. Now the car is owned by Mike Yager of Mid America Corvette in Effingham, Illinois. The most recent magazine article about the backup car can be found here or via Mike Yager's website.

But what happened to the original car? John pointed out that it had gone to Australia. He was able to verify this with Issue #7 of the Australian magazine called Street & Strip. It's sad to say that it has been "restored" but doesn't appear to be quite the same as it once was. However, in his research, John was able to acquire an original mold of the car!

Again, John's website will have all this info, and I truly appreciate him sharing this info with me.

the corvette

Video and DVD

Corvette Summer is available on VHS and DVD! The VHS version was originally released on October 19, 1989. It became a rarity until it was re-released in 1997 (probably due to demand from Star Wars fans :o) ). In any case, you can buy it at a variety of online retailers, like

The official DVD was released on August 30, 2005. Order today on! NO NEED FOR BOOTLEGS ANYMORE!


I recently stumbled upon a rare gem - Corvette Summer: A Fiberglass Romance (novelization by Wayland Drew)! I purchased this via Yahoo! Auctions on 9/20/03.

the book

On 7/24/04 at Comic Con in San Diego, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Hamill, and he signed my copy of the novel (I also told him about this website. So, Mark, if you are visiting, 'Hello!'). Read about how I met Mark Hamill!


Three's Company
You know you are in the 70's when you see actors Richard McKenzie, William Pierson & Stanley Kamel. They each made appearances on the hit television series "Three's Company."

Richard McKenzie played "Chef Anton" in an episode in which Jack and Janet jumped to the conclusion that Chrissy was only promoted at her job because her boss was a pervert. They mistook "Chef Anton" for Chrissy's boss, J.T. Braddock (who ended up being a woman!).

William Pierson played "Dean Travers," Jack's letch cooking school Dean who constantly made sexual inuendos because Jack lived with "two girls".

Stanley Kamel played a vice cop who mistakenly thinks Janet and Terri were trying to solicit him when all they were really doing was enticing him to eat at Jack's restaurant.'

Golden Annie
That's right! Annie Potts was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 1979 for "Best Motion Picture Acting Debut - Female" in Corvette Summer. And you thought the acting was bad in this film...shame on you. :o)

Tico and the Man
Isaac Ruiz, Jr. may have had a memorable role as the gas-conserving Tico in Corvette Summer, but you may all recognize him as Mando from the 70's series Chico and the Man. Thanks to Suzanne for pointing this out!

Our own Kim Milford (Wayne Lowry) is quite infamous in the world of science fiction. He starred in a film from 1978 called Laserblast, which, according to most, is one of the worst films ever made. It has Star Wars-feel to it. Kinda ironic how Mr. Milford ended up in Corvette Summer with "Luke Skywalker," huh? Some credits say that Mark Hamill himself was also in Laserblast. This is not true, however. The even bigger controversy is that film critic Leonard Maltin gave Laserblast 2.5 stars! Yikes?! Anyhow, this film ended up in the vaults of good old MST3K...

Kim Milford

Corvette Summer Wouldn't Die...
Oh yes...there is a very powerful reference to the film in Episode 513 of MST3K ("The Brain That Wouldn't Die"). The line is "Luke, join me or you'll star in 'CORVETTE SUMMER'."

Title Swapping
As with most movies, the titles change until one is agreed upon. The original title for Corvette Summer was The Hot One and the working title was Stingray.

CS fan Kit Sullivan sent me an email recently that elaborated on the title:

I was living in Corpus Christi, Texas my girlfriend and I were both cast as local extras in a movie being filmed there: 'The legend of Billie Jean'. A pretty forgettable movie, all in all, but it was directed by none other than Matthew Robbins! I chatted about CS with him on a couple of occasions, and he was very proud of the film and liked to talk about it. He told me he hated the title 'Corvette Summer', and thinks that is why it had poor box office. Wasn't his choice or his decision. It was slated to be released as 'Stingray', but another movie grabbed that title right before this one registered it. I've seen that one too, and it sucked. 2 guys who buy a used Sting-Ray, unaware it's loaded with drugs. They are unknowingly chased by the bad guys. Terrible movie. Great car. ( a 63 roadster, I think).

Silverado Auto Body
CS Fan Victor pointed out that in the scene where Kenny finds the Corvette look-alike, pay close attention to the sign on the car. It reads: "Kustom Car ... Silverado Body Shop ... Special cars for Special People...". Hmm...where does Wayne Lowery work again??


"Hey, you with the funny walk!"
Sent in by Jason Stewart: In the final scene of the film where Vanessa is walking with a rather awkwardly, Kenny yells: "Hey you with the funny walk!" This was a last-minute addition to the script because Annie Potts had been involved in a rather serious car accident and had to have pins put into her legs, which made her walk funny. Shooting was delayed for a long time because of this. Apparently, one of Jason's high school teachers was Wayland Drew, author of the novel and friend of Mattew Robbins, and this tidbit was passed along to his class.

Life's a Drag...
CS fan Mark informed me of a web site that shows the 1964 Plymouth used in the Van Nuys drag race scene (the site is authored by the driver himself!).

Check it out:

Vanessa's Van?
I've had a few people write in asking what happened to Vanessa's van. In the credits, it says that the van was customized by Holiday Wheels, Inc. Apparently, Holiday Wheels made custom vans in the 70's they were located in Garden Grove, CA off the 22 freeway and Knot. They went out of business in the late 70's or early 80's. Thanks to Paul Illingworth for that tidbit. If you guys hear of anything else, please email me.


Kenny & The Hulk
CS Fan Dominick Gerace sent over two pics: one from The Incredible Hulk TV series and the other from Corvette Summer. These scenes both appear to have been filmed at Paul's Junkyard in Lancaster, CA. Pretty cool stuff! Definitely check it out if you ever head down to Southern California.


Correrias De Verano
CS fan Juanan Gomez from Spain sent in this image of Corvette Summer on VHS in Spain! The Spanish title is Correrias De Verano. He also sent over an image of the Spanish poster. Thanks again, Juanan! :)

Correrias De Verano Correrias De Verano

Legendary Corvettes: 'Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen
Corvette Summer fan Eric Seltzer is selling copies of the book called Legendary Corvettes: 'Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen, and it's signed by Richard "Korky" Korkes and by its author Randy Leffingwell. There are 10 pages dedicated to the Corvette Summer car with many photos and lots of information. It's a very nice coffee table book comprised of 176 pages.

Please contact Eric ( if you are interested in purchasing and/or learning more about the book.

Legendary Corvettes: 'Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen